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Virtual mascots have lots of advantages over sending real mascots out on visits : they cost nothing to send, they can't get lost in the post and they can visit more than one host at a time.

We have a mascot for each of our patrols - here they are :

Pepper the Panda
Pingu the Penguin
Pipu the Parrot
Ellie the Elephant

We now (September 2004) have a new patrol, the Lions, and of course they have a new mascot : he hasn't got a name yet, but here he is :

If you would like to host one of our mascots (or even all of them!) just follow these instructions:

  • Move your mouse to place the cursor (pointer) over the mascot you want to host.
  • Click the RIGHT mouse button ONCE.
  • A grey pop-up menu will appear; LEFT click on "Save picture As."
  • Another menu will appear; don't alter the image name or type (an_Panda.gif or an-elephant.gif, etc.) in the boxes at the bottom of the menu, but choose where you want to save it to in the box at the top of the menu.
  • Click on "Save."
  • Upload the image(s) to your own website and add them to your page just the same as any other picture - don't worry, they will move around on your web page just the same as they do on this one!
  • Please add a link to our site so that other people can have the chance of hosting our mascots too.
  • Send us an email to let us know they are visiting you, and let us know where your website is so we can come and see where they are staying.

We also have a Virtual version of Lolita, the little blue bear. She is one of Triplets, the others have gone to live with NetGuides Seniors and Holderness Rangers. The real Lolita (she is only 10cm high) goes home with one of us after every meeting - we take it in turns - and goes on trips or to camp with us all. You can host this "virtual Lolita" the same as any of our other virtual mascots.

If she does go to stay on your web page, do let us know!




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